Constipation and Leg Pain
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In most cases, the origin relates to nerve damage or dysfunction. It is also seen that folks with leg pain have a greater chance of constipation and vice versa. In fact, constipation is one of the major symptoms of leg pain along with sharp or shooting soreness and weakness or physical disturbance of legs.

Many inflammations, diseases or conditions in the lower part of the nervous system can trigger constipation and leg soreness. Lumbar nerve root inflammations due to disk herniation, burst fractures, spondylolisthesis, foramina, and abnormal bone formation can lead to both conditions. Arachnoiditis, which then causes spinal covering damage, may well result in constipation together with leg pain.

The loosening involving muscles and deficiency of calcium can lead to malfunctioning or deterioration of the muscles which aid peristaltic measures and standing. The damages to these muscles result in diseases such as constipation, leg pain, frequent/uncontrolled urination, together with diarrhea. Constipation and leg pain may also arise as a consequence of the diseases affecting the urinary system such as uterine fibroids.

Many pain relieving drugs such as morphine and aspirin raised for curing leg pain might cause constipation. This is because most of the pain killing drugs act in the central nervous system which then causes a decrease in neurological impulse traffic. The result could be the reduced functioning of all body muscles including that with the bowel wall. The frequent use of these drugs can result in severe constipation.

Overweight persons are definitely the most prone to constipation and leg pain. Pregnant ladies are also more prone to have both conditions as well. Menstrual cramps and the use of some unnatural drugs which irritate the lower nerves can also trigger constipation and leg pain. Pelvic bone dysfunctions are generally another common cause.

Drinking a good amount of water and eating fruits can certainly help in good functioning with the muscles, which in turn helps to manage both constipation and leg pain. The most functional way of testing for hip abduction is to get the patient stand on an individual limb. If he is standing on his right leg of course, if he has weakness with his right hip abductor muscle groups his opposite hip can drop. This testing is called the Trendelenburg testing. To prevent the eventually left hip from dropping in the case of a right hip abductor weakness, the patient may lean to the right. This is also an indicator of weakness in the hip abductors on the proper side..

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Sciatica is a condition under which there does exist an excruciating or shooting pain inside leg, which starts from the back of the thigh and goes down the leg, making relaxing and standing extremely difficult. The problem of sciatica occurs when there is a disruption in the typical functioning of the sciatic nerve. This nerve is constructed from the sacral together with lumbar nerve roots in the spine and extends in the spinal cord’s lower end while passing behind the hip joint and then finally running down the upper leg. The function of the nerve is always to receive instructions from as their pharmicudical counterpart, transfer them to the muscles in the lower limbs and give information regarding sensation in the legs to the head.

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